Wrapping Up the Year

Dear School Counselors – You can’t help but see and feel the passage of time when you work in a school.  We are constantly moving forward.

I remember when I was a new counselor working feverishly to keep up.  As soon as I thought I got a process or procedure down, we were on to the next thing.  August registration, the first day of school, repeat classes, grad checks, progress reports, college applications, emails from parents, kids with conflicts, behavior issues, career counseling, second semester looming, credit recovery.

Pretty soon we were talking about the next year and planning our visits to the middle school (or the elementary schools for our middle school counselors).  Then came open enrollment, registration, STAR testing, summer school forms and promotion/graduation was upon us.  The registrar boxed up the cumulative files of the departing students and replaced them with the incoming files of our newest students.

It reminds us that we are on a whirlwind journey and time with our students is limited.  This month we find ourselves preparing to say good-bye to an entire class and shortly after that hello to the next.  Do you think you are making a difference?  You probably have anecdotal stories as well as data that shows your efforts are bearing fruit.  Have you ever been in a shopping center near school and had an excited voice ring out across the parking lot calling your name “Mr. or Ms. So and So” and realized it was a student or former student?  I suspect you have.  The kids tell you that you’ve made a difference.


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